5 lb Pork Party Tray


5lb tray of chopped Pork BBQ – should feed about 15 folks (1/3 pound per person) *NOTE COVID 2020 precautions in place / product is delivered in 5 x 1lb containers


Enjoy 5 lbs of our signature chopped smoked pork ready for your big event.  We will process 5 lbs of pork and pack it in a short catering tray.  We include a bottle of Trent’s BBQ sauce on the side.  As always our pork is prepared “naked” (sauceless).  Should feed 15.  A safe range is 10 – 20 just depends.

*NOTE – Due to Covid 2020 precautions, this is being delivered as 5 x 1lb containers and not in a single 5 lb pan