Our philosophy at Troop 925 is to put as much parent volunteer energy into one fund raiser a year.  We believe that our annual BBQ fundraiser could be that event.  There are a number of Boy Scout Troops in the Charlotte area that do large scale BBQ fund raisers:

Our goal at Troop 925 is to reach the 10,000 milestone and we are well on our way!

2011 2012 2013

In 2013 our yield was 1136 lbs.  We cooked over 2000 lbs (over 1 ton!) to get there!

Over the years we have refined our product offering, added some things and trying different options.  There are two primary things that our customers have come to count on from Troop 925’s BBQ:

  • Our pork is prepared naked (without any sauce mixed in) with “Trent’s Sauce” served on the side
  • We offer pulled Turkey, which is something that not many other BBQ fund raisers offer

Troop 925 is also known for occasionally doing smaller “side cooks” for targeted fund raising needs.  Supporter of Troop 925 can learn about upcoming events by following us on facebook!